Bjorn’s take on his volunteering gig on the farm

It’s with a sad heart that I say goodbye to Bjorn (our first volunteer on the farm), as he embarks on the next chapter of his year-long adventure traveling the world. It’s amazing how quickly the two months flew by. I asked him to write a summary of his experience on the farm, which I’ve pasted verbatim below.

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Spider pig gets his revenge

So the other night Bjorn and I were chilling at the base camp and some time after dinner, Bjorn noticed a spider on one of the storage containers. Nothing new, as spiders and other creatures come with the territory. What made it interesting (and blog worthy), was that the spider (that I’ve dubbed “Spider Pig”) had managed to catch one of the annoying Christmas beetles and had it nicely secured in it’s pincers. I threw a quick video together combining some of the footage I took. The back track is from Bon Iver’s recent album 22, A Million and is called 22. I thought it was pretty appropriate – especially considering he is from Wisconsin and went to the same school as my mom.

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Pathway herb garden

Bjorn is off galavanting for two weeks, so I’ve got my head down focussing on work and generating some funds to put into our next project. That however doesn’t mean that progress on the farm stops. Quite the opposite actually – I’m not sure if it’s having Bjorn here or the renewed energy of a new fresh year, but progress on the farm is steaming ahead and it’s what motivates me to get up, work for six hours at the coffee shop, then back home to the farm – where the real work starts. I generally get home after three or four and from then it’s full throttle on one of the many ongoing projects. I digress, this post is meant to be an update on the W.I.P. pathway garden/bed, which after a few afternoons of tinkering, foraging for rocks and digging is starting to look pretty cool.

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Outdoor kitchen

Here is a pic of how it looked before:

And here is a pic after two hours of clearing:

Last but not least, a quick video tour:

Guest herb garden

Bjorn and I started the initial clearing of the site on a Sunday afternoon and after two hours of work, the garden had already started taking shape.

The following Monday we worked on the garden for a few more hours and even managed to get a couple of the herbs in.

I think we spent a total of seven hours on the project and in that time transformed an unused spot into a space that is not only beautiful, especially once the mural backdrop is done, but also functional.

Meet Bjorn Green – our first volunteer on the farm!

Bjorn is four months into a year long adventure, exploring this awesome planet of ours. He’s scheduled to spend two months of the farm and will be helping out with what ever projects we have going at the time.

Welcome Bjorn – here’s to your adventure being everything you’re hoping for!

Say hello to our pre-launch blog

Then there is the farm. Oh how just saying those words fills me with an intense feeling of happiness. While small by true “farm” standards (two point three hectares to be exact) the farm is filled with so much potential and the vision I have in my mind is so clear. Over the past seven plus months, I’ve been exploring every inch of the farm, studying the weather and making a note of the wild life I encounter. Rather than coming in with preset ideas, I’m letting the lay of the land dictate the overall design and in doing so, everything has a natural flow to it with unique spaces revealing themselvesĀ all the time.

Progress has been slow going in some regards, but overall I’m happy with how things are shaping up. So far I have managed to do the following projects:

  • Opened up the main glade (where I am currently camped).
  • Setup a pretty efficient base camp.
  • Cleared and processed a ton of black wattle.
  • Created a path way herb garden for guests.
  • Opened up the Fig Grove hideaway.
  • Created another bigger guest herb garden.
  • Cleared a big section of black wattle on the top third section of the property.
  • Cleared a path to where the guest car port will be.
  • Built an enclosure for the guest bathroom.
  • Built a basic swing.
  • Added a hammock for guests.
  • Excavated the old cottage ruin kitchen, to be used as a outdoor cooking space for guests.
  • Built a tool shed.
  • Extended the tool shed with a recycling box.

There is still a lot to do before the farm will be ready for guests, but I’m getting closer with each day that passes and that is good enough for me.

More updates to follow.