Hello. My name is Chris and this is the pre-launch blog for Forest Glade Farm. The farm is in it’s early stages of development and while the full version of the site will be launching once we open up to guests, this blog will be where I share updates on my progress.

The land is two point three hectares and two thirds of that is made up of (mostly) indigenous forest. My initial plan before to moving to the property was to clear everything, but after spending a couple of months nestled in the forest, it’s too special to clear. So instead, I’m letting the property tell me what it wants to be and carefully opening up spaces.

In the main glade (where I am currently camped), I’ll be setting up a large teepee and a base camp for guests. The lower section of the property is a combination of bush and forest, but as you get further down a further four or five small glades reveal themselves, each nice and private with their own feature tree. These will eventually be additional campsites, either with their own teepee or canvas tent. Then on the top third of the property (four hundred square meters to be exact) is mostly covered in black wattle, but will eventually be completely cleared. It’s at the top section that I’ll be doing most of the farming, as well as building cottages for myself and the family.

I’ll be posting updates on the different projects we’re tackling as we get on, so be sure to subscribe to the blog to follow our story as it unfolds.