Pathway herb garden

Bjorn is off galavanting for two weeks, so I’ve got my head down focussing on work and generating some funds to put into our next project. That however doesn’t mean that progress on the farm stops. Quite the opposite actually – I’m not sure if it’s having Bjorn here or the renewed energy of a new fresh year, but progress on the farm is steaming ahead and it’s what motivates me to get up, work for six hours at the coffee shop, then back home to the farm – where the real work starts. I generally get home after three or four and from then it’s full throttle on one of the many ongoing projects. I digress, this post is meant to be an update on the W.I.P. pathway garden/bed, which after a few afternoons of tinkering, foraging for rocks and digging is starting to look pretty cool.

Here are some pics of my progress so far.

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